Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New and Recent Titles from Red Engine Press

Our new titles: 


Cloris Hughes: A Novel by Stephen Tannenbaum

Garrison Avenue by Joyce Faulkner
(Historical Fiction)

Spirits of the Sodus Bay Shakers by Pat McGrath-Avery
(Historical Fiction)

The Eagle's Eyes
The Cat's Eyes
The Serpent's Eyes
by Ramona Roush (RL Roush)
(Juvenile Fiction)

The Kansas NCO
Back to the World
Three Wars
by Joe Campolo, Jr.
(Historical Fiction)


Yearning to Breathe Free: A Judicial History of the Cuban Relocation Project,
Fort Chaffee, Arkansas 1980-1982
by Judge Jim Spears

Coming Soon:


Frozen Tears: The Fort Leonard Wood MP Murders
by JB King
(a true crime book)

The Brownsville Texas Incident of 1906: The True and Tragic Story
of a Black Battalion's Wrongful Disgrace and Ultimate Redemption
by Lt. Colonel (ret) William Baker

Shrimp Tales: Port Isabel/Brownsville, TX
Rudy H. Garcia and Pat McGrath-Avery

Recent Titles:


Out of the Depths by David Harry Tannenbaum

Vala's Bed by Joyce Faulkner

of home
by Karen Biery

Murder With No Remorse
Murder Has Consequences
Murder Takes No Prisoners
 by Pat McGrath-Avery

Someday I'll Fly by Rebecca Evans

The Gift of Holiday Valley by JoAnn Forrester

PipSqueek, the Half-Size Jeep by Evelyn Harless

The Drifter by Michael Mullins

Hammer of Justice by John Barry Kelly

Sassafras: The Green Persian Cat by Gloria Bates

Username by Joyce Faulkner

In the Shadow of Suribachi by Joyce Faulkner


Condo Mania by Leo Rosenberger

Grantreprenuer (TM) by Katherine K. Heart

Gravity by Beth Underwood

Sunchon Tunnel Massacre Survivors
by Pat McGrath-Avery and Joyce Faulkner


Fun Days in Kansas City
Fun Days in Pittsburgh
Fun Days on South Padre Island
 by Pat McGrath-Avery and Joyce Faulkner


Famous Dogs (and a Cat)
Famous Dogs Too
15 Dogs and a Cat
Pat McGrath-Avery