Red Engine Press Titles

Our Authors

Beth Underwood

John Barry Kelly
Hammer of Justice

Rebecca Evans
Someday I'll Fly

JoAnn Forrester

The Gift of Holiday Valley

Gloria Bates
Sassafras: The Green Persian Cat

Joanne Quinn-Smith
Saris and Soap Operas
Folly of Marketing Plan in Your Head

Linda Swink
Grave Secrets

Anna Marie Petrarca Gire
Sal: A Tale of Many Feathers

Ric Hunter

Steve Hathcock
Behind the Third Dune

Janie DeVos
The Shopkeeper's Bear
(Illustrated by Rebecca Evans)

Previous Titles:

How High Can You Fly?
The Path Winds Home

Pat McGrath Avery
Murder Takes No Prisoners
Famous Dogs: Changing History One Dog (& Cat) at a Time

Pat's recent releases:

Emergence: The John Bax Story
Grand Slam Grooming Dogs Speak Out
Available in print and iBook formats

15 Dogs (& a Cat) Speak Out
Murder is for the Birds
Murder Takes a Ride
The Sharon Rogers Band

Joyce Faulkner
her long-awaited story of the WASPs (Women Air Service Pilots) of WWII
Available in print, eBook and iBook formats

Username (now an audiobook edition)

Chance...and other horrors
In the Shadow of Suribachi
For Shrieking Out Loud
Losing Patience - new iBook edition

Pat & Joyce co-authors:

Fun Days in Pittsburgh
Fun Days on South Padre Island
Role Call: Women's Voices

Sunchon Tunnel Massacre Survivors

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  1. What a wonderful collection of books....I cannot wait until my book becomes part of the list.