River Road Press Titles

Our Authors

Joseph Campolo, Jr.
The Kansas NCO

Anna Marie Aloe Testa
Italian Gone Wild and Gluten Free

Ramona Roush
The Eagles' Eyes

Karen Biery

 Rudy Rudolph
Rudy Rudolph: An Average American Combat Soldier

Ricardo Serrano
Scarlet Verse

Marguerite Levy-Feibelman
Whisper Your Name into My Ear

Carmen Stenholm
Crack Between the Worlds
Silver Medal, MWSA Book Awards 2010

Tom McGraham
Road to Iwo Jima

Eddie Beesley
Lucky Enough

Van Vandawalker
In the Blink of an Eye

Military Writers Society of America
All Gave Some
Our Voices
Silent Battlefield
The Faded Flag

Young Preservationist Society
Pittsburgh East End Then, Now and Later:
A Tribute to their Neighborhood
by Pittsburgh Peabody students

Take a Walk from the Past to the Future of 8th Ave
by Propel Andrew Street High School students

Heart of America Chapter of American Ex-POWs
Ex-Prisoners of War

Billy Templeton
Manila Bay Sunset

Betsy Heimke
Bring Cup, Plate and Spoon

Hodge Wood
Chum Water

Gary Doss
Tales of an Ugly Angel

Joyce Arenson
Generations of the Heart

Lloyd King
From 'Nam With Love

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